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Retail & Consumer Insurance Delivery Tech.

Consumer or retail insurance opportunities need to be unshackled from the old business models which make it unpleasant and difficult to buy by individuals and small businesses. We seek startups actively working to innovate the retail insurance space and make insurance products more accessible as a mass-market offering. A recent investment via a special purpose vehicle has initiated our foot print in this area.

Deal Room Process.

Our deal selection process is broken down into there main steps that allow for a proper evaluation of each start-ups proposal and depending on what assistance they seek. Typical turnaround time can be from a few weeks to a few months. Some deals may take longer to consummate.


Formally submit your business plan and proposal.


Deliver a pitch on your business idea and plan.


A selection decision the investment support & vehicle for you.

Our Selection Guiding Principle

We seek startups that are well invested in new value propositions and business models, possibly disrupting old markets by producing new revenue growth or cost savings. Those with a healthy innovation pipeline get our attention quickly. Your business can be an already established one or an early-stage start-up, and having a promising business idea with a scalable business model will bring you to the front of yet queue.

Specs For Prospective Business

Category :


Focus :


Geo Priority :


Support Nature :

Equity or Debt

Duration :

1-3 Years to exit

Low Range :


Upper Range :

No Cap

Who We Seek:

  • Founders who possess entrepreneurial mindsets
  • Demonstrate design Thinking
  • Embrace lean start-up methods
  • Business ideas & product Concepts tested or in testing
  • Have a healthy innovation pipeline